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PWB Anchor offers high quality oblong links and chains

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The herc-alloy 800 chains manufactured by PWB Anchor are made to comply with the quality control standards. These chains combine the qualities of low weight, high strength, safe handling and durability. The herc-alloy chains from PWB Anchor are available in sizes ranging from 31.7 millimetres to 6 millimetres.

Hammerlok produced by PWB Anchor has a simple design allowing for instant dismantling, assembly and reassembly of slings. These features give safety and reliability to the product.

Each hammerlok body requires only one chain or fitting for assembly purpose and for reassembly, a new stud and pin assembly is also recommended.

Oblong links offered by PWB Anchor allows greater flexibility in construction and selection of sling assemblies. The different types of oblong links manufactured by PWB Anchor include regular oblong links, large oblong links and large multi oblong link. Large series oblong links from PWB Anchor are wide and long. These links can be used in both two-leg and single applications.

A large multi oblong link manufactured by PWB Anchor consists of two intermediate links and a master link. These links have the same lifting capacity and permit for attachment of thimbles and back hooking. These links are designed for use in four, three and two-leg applications.

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