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Duff Norton 5kN - 200kN screw jacks from PT Link Systems

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PT Link Systems  offers a comprehensive range of standard and custom engineered metric machine screw jacks from Duff Norton for applications up to 200kN.

Duff Norton’s machine screw jacks are produced in many standard models to ISO standards with a wide range of capacities to suit almost any requirement.

Machine screw jacks offer positive mechanical action, precise positioning and uniform lifting speeds. Standard configurations include upright or inverted units with translating or rotating lifting screws, and top plate, threaded or clevis ends.

Duff Norton machine screw jacks can be used to push, pull and apply pressure as linear actuators, and are furnished with standard raises in increments of 1mm. Depending upon size and type of load, models are available with raises up to 6000mm.

Key features of Duff Norton machine screw jacks:

  • Precise positioning can be controlled accurately within 0.025mm
  • Models with higher ratios are inherently self-locking, holding heavy loads without creep as long as the actuator is not subject to vibration
  • Manual or motorised screw jacks can be used singularly, in tandem or in multiple arrangements
  • Added economy from raising unevenly distributed loads by operating different capacities in unison
  • Different capacities can be used in the same application to lift unevenly distributed loads with uniform speeds
  • Designed and built to be positive acting, for accurate response to motive power
  • Capacities: 5kN - 200kN


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