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Torque Limiters from Deserti Meccanica

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article image The Torque Limiter can be interfaced with a speed monitor.

A wide range of Torque Limiters by Italian manufacturer Deserti Meccanica are available through their Australian representatives PT Link Sales Pty Ltd. The Torque Limiters are offered in two basic designs - friction faced materials and steel ball sliding.

The friction-faced Series LS Torque Limiters are a safety device that protects the mechanical power transmission components of a drive where there is the possibility of an overload brought about by a ‘jam-up’ or abnormal operating conditions in a process machine or conveyor line.

Operation of the Series LS Torque Limiters rely on the friction faces being under constant compression. They allow slippage when a predetermined excessive torque value is reached in the transmission drive elements.

They can be interfaced with a speed monitor (potentiometer) to provide a signal for the electric supply to the motor to be switched off.

Unlike other Torque Limiters available on the Australian market they are highly accurate to torque setting and thus easily adjustable to precise application criteria.

Series LASS Torque Limiters are more commonly applied to the ‘high speed' end of a transmission drive.

Protecting mechanical transmission drives subjected to repeated overloads or incorrect operation conditions, this series of Torque Limiters are designed around a series of ball bearings within the unit's operation.

The ball bearing system allows the Torque Limiter to operate at the high speed end (electric motor or prime mover of any transmission drive).

When overloading occurs to a preset torque value, the Torque Limiter ball bearing system ‘phase out’ axially through to the corresponding mobile half of the Torque Limiter.

The Series LASS Torque Limiters are constructed so the axial movement can easily be detected by a micro switch, thus providing an immediate signal to motor for ‘power off’.

The distinct advantage of Series LASS Torque Limiters is they allow ‘instant’ protection to all the power transmission components and an important increase to worker safety in any industrial plant operation.

The Deserti Meccanica range of Torque Limiters are suitable for use with ring gears, gears, V-belt pulleys, toothed belt pulleys and other driving elements.

The limiters feature highly sensitive control, flanges/couplings to interface with cardan shafts and torsion proof rigidity.

PT Link Sales Pty Ltd offer technical support for all Deserti Meccanica products.

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