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Stainless Steel Swivel Foot from PT Limited for High Capacity Weighing

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PT Limited  offers a premium quality stainless steel swivel foot for use with high capacity weighing scales.  

Even the best weighing scales will deflect a small amount under extreme loads. Load cells also deflect slightly under these loads.  

These deflections invariably impose side and torsion load on the load cell. While the effects of this deflection can be balanced by the design of the foot, poor design fails to accommodate the negative aspects of the deflection.  

A good foot design has the ability to negate the effect of small deflections. Additionally, it also compensates for uneven floors and accommodates side loads so that the scale easily returns to its zero state.  

The rigidity of the foot caused by poor design makes many scales retain their side loads, inhibiting their return to the zero position, which results in inaccurate readings.   

PT’s premium stainless steel swivel foot is designed to easily accommodate these deflections and side loads.  

The design of the stainless steel swivel foot emulates the ball and cup mount allowing the scale to move under side loads while damping and dissipating its effects.  

The design additionally allows the stem to move laterally and tilt independent of the foot plate. Small deflections and uneven floors are easily countered by the swivel foot.

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