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Load Cells from PT Limited for Crash Test Dummies in Test and Safety Applications

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Load cells from PT Limited are used in impact, shock and destructive testing applications.  

Crash test dummies are full-scale anthropomorphic test devices (ATD) that simulate the dimensions, weight proportions and articulation of human bodies, and are used in simulated vehicle impacts to record data about their dynamic behaviour.  

ATDs are indispensable in the development of all types of vehicles from automobiles to aircraft. Data recorded during the simulated crash test covers variables such as velocity of impact, crushing force, bending, folding or torque of the body as well as deceleration rates during a collision for use in crash tests.  

Crash test dummies or ATDs are also equipped with multiple load cells that provide detailed measurements of impact forces during experimental crashes. Each dummy needs load cells in a range of sizes and configurations to measure forces applied to various parts of the body.  

Elk crash test  

Car makers such as Volvo and Saab factor in elk crashes when designing and building cars. VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute has developed an elk crash test dummy called Mooses.  

The dummy features similar weight, centre of gravity as well as dimensions to a live elk, and is used to recreate realistic elk collisions. A very popular European car failed its first Moose test and today is one of the safest in the world, thanks to the test results that initiated more stringent safety development.  

Load cells used in testing are industry-specific, however PT’s new LPCH and LPCS load cells are extensively used in impact, shock and destructive testing.  

Key benefits include: 

  • Very good resistance to side load
  • Robust construction and high speed response
  • Low deflection rate that causes less of the impact load to be absorbed allowing for more accurate test results

PT’s Universal load cells offer high durability for tests, which require repeated cycles of million. Made from nickel plated tool steel or stainless steel, these load cells are available in capacities from 1000kg to 100 tons.

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