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LPCS Universal Load Cell from PT Limited

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PT Limited  specialises in the supply of low profile cell stainless or LPCS universal load cell for use in various industrial environments.  

The LPCS universal load cell is ideal for 1T – 100T weighing requirements and can be used for compression testing machines, cranes or high capacity mining applications.  

The LPCS universal load cell is fitted with an industry standard M12 sensor connector with IP67 sealing and is supplied with a straight mating connector.  

The connector in the load cells simplifies installation and maintenance while the cable type and length to suit the requirements of the installation can be selected from the cable packs offered by PT Limited.  

Six wire cables should be installed by connecting the Sense+ with the excitation+ to terminal 1 and the Sense- with the excitation- to terminal 2 inside the connector.  

Key features include:

  • Stainless steel construction welded for tension
  • Ideal for materials testing as well as overhead and low profile weighing
  • Rugged with high overload capacity
  • Standard mountings; replaces LPC and other market leaders
  • Recessed holes for flush mounting
  • Standard IP67 M12 sensor connector

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