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HPC Load Cells from PT Limited

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PT Limited  offers a range of HPC load cells purpose-designed to meet the needs of weighbridge and truck scale manufacturers.  

High precision compression or HPC load cells are state-of-the-art measurement devices that feature highly sophisticated and super-sensitive electronics housed in a rugged, fully stainless steel enclosure.  

Fitted with power surge arrestors as well as anti-rotation mechanism and inert gas filled for component longevity, HPC load cells enable a true IP68 enclosure rating with greater than 300 hours protection at 1.5m immersion.

These load cells are supplied in two optimum weighbridge cell capacities of 30T and 45T.

The company offers specially designed mounting accessories to ensure exceptional performance of HPC load cells at optimum levels.  

The HPC load cell has formal approval in various countries for both capacities.  

The electronic weigh scales come with a 3-year warranty and are supplied in individual packs with a detailed accuracy certificate traceable by serial number.

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