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PT Limited  supplies a range of lightweight floor scales that offer reliable performance and durability in rough environments.  

Low profile floor scales are available in plenty in a highly competitive market. Prices of these floor scales have dropped dramatically in the past few years making it difficult for buyers to assess the price-performance benefits.  

How does one make the right selection from a host of brands that offer the same physical features such as a platform, four load cells, four adjustable feet, junction box and indicator?  

Though many are trade approved, unfortunately they are not all the same. The market is well stocked with a number of lightweight models, which are acceptable so long as the loads are evenly spread and the scales are treated well by workers. Fact is actual treatment dished out to floor scales is quite different.  

Comparative tests reveal the weakness inherent in lightweight floor scales. A prime consideration in the selection of a floor scale is the duty it is expected to perform.  

One should consider loads that are likely to be placed on the platform. One should also consider how these loads are placed on the scale. Depending on the skills and care levels of forklift drivers, loads arrive in vertical and lateral movement.  

Also, good design must ensure rigidity under adverse loading conditions so that deflection of the platform is negligible.  

Floor scales designed by PT ensure that the platform is strong enough to support the load and do not deflect when the load is applied. These floor scales also isolate the load cells from adverse extraneous forces.  

RedDecks floor scales are approved for trade and supplied in painted, galvanised or stainless steel finish.

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