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Basics of Load Cell Installation by PT Limited

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PT Limited  specialises in a wide range of load cells manufactured for diverse applications in various industries.  

To ensure absolute accuracy in multiple load cell installations, the load must be equalised so that each cell carries a similar load.  

The load should vary its distribution as little as possible and the load cells should be sized to carry the highest expected uneven load.  

Off-axis loads can reduce accuracy and should be minimised. The load cell mounting surface should be clean and flat.  

Bolt sizing, strength and tightening are critical to the mounting of the load cells. Any departure from specification must be carefully considered.  

One should be careful when tightening fittings in the loading end of the load cell. Precautions must also be taken not to damage the load cell by application of torque.  

Welding in the vicinity of the load cell can cause damage. Welding currents should not be allowed to pass through the load cell; the load cell cable must be disconnected during any welding process.  

Load cells from PT Limited are manufactured with 4-core or 6-core cables. Compensation for temperature characteristics of 4-core cables is built into the load cell and cutting these cables reduces accuracy.  

6-core cables on the other hand sense the voltage at the load cell and may be cut or extended without affecting accuracy. PT’s Cable Packs are offered in 10m, 50m and 100M lengths.

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