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Vetter hazardous material management products available from PT Hydraulics Australia

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While industry is the primary user and handler of hazardous chemicals, individuals also have them in their homes, cars, work and recreation places. Hazardous materials move through suburbs on highways, rail lines, pipelines and by ship and barge. These major transportation routes are utilised by the trucking industry to transport chemicals to local manufacturing plants, businesses and retail outlets.

Hazardous materials pose a potential risk to life, health, environment and property when not properly contained. Hazardous materials may be explosive, flammable, combustible, corrosive, reactive, poisonous, biological, or radioactive as well as solid, liquid or gaseous.

Hazardous material incidents may be either generated from a fixed site or the result of transportation-related accident or release, or can even be the secondary result of a natural disaster like earthquakes or floods

In accordance with the above information, Vetter have a range of products available for today's market, which can assist in the management and control of spills and leaks of hazardous materials. The Vetter range, available from PT Hydraulics Australia , has been field tested in industrial applications on tanks, barrels, pipes and tankers and is resistant to many acids and chemicals.

The Vetter Leak Sealing Programme consists of:

  • High Pressure Leak Sealing Sets
  • Leak Sealing Bags
  • Mini Leak Sealing Bags
  • Flange Drainage Bags
  • Vacuum Leak Sealing Bags
  • Leak Sealing Lance
  • Leak Sealing Bandages
  • Pneumatic Lifting Sleeves
  • Pipe Sealing Sleeves
  • Leak Sealing Paste

Containers and scoops are also available for the management and safe handling of hazardous materials. Vetter also have a range of pipe and test sealing bags, which are suitable for industries such as road construction, civil engineering, sewer constructors, local government/councils, water authorities and emergency services.

PT Hydraulics Australia provide a range of solutions to Australian Industry and supply industrial hydraulics from Power Team, Stone, Globe, Argo Hytos & Youli. PT Hydraulics Australia’s product range extends to include the emergency and safety industries, with hydraulic rescue tools such as hydraulic cutters, spreaders and rams from Lukas, as well as high and low pressure lifting airbags, and a full range of rescue accessories.

PT Hydraulics Australia also offer cutting solutions, including the Petrogen Cutting torch, which is capable of cutting steel up to 30cm thick.

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