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Vetter S.Tec range of high pressure lifting airbags available from PT Hydraulics Australia

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article image Vetter S.Tec range of high pressure lifting airbags

Following the introduction of the Lukas streamline coupling, Vetter have announced the new S.Tec (streamline technology) range of high pressure lifting airbags. The new S.Tec bags, available from PT Hydraulics Australia , achieve a 25% increase in performance by innovative technology and an operating pressure of 10 bar/145psi as opposed to the 8 bar mini lifting bags.

In addition to the 25% increase in lifting power, these new bags have a modern and well thought-out design, offering a number of new features. The new interlocking surface structure simultaneously improves holding features on various groundings while avoiding slippage between the bag and the load.

In order to avoid dirt penetrating the bag at the air connection, S.Tec Bags are fitted with a new valve protection cap, which also includes an additional holder, ensuring the cap is not lost.

The new label design assures quick and accurate reading of the safety instructions by using easy to understand diagrams. The serial number printed on the plate determines the age of the bag, while an inspection label shows when the S.Tec Bag should be retested.

Product Highlights of the new Vetter S.Tec Airbag range:

  • Operating pressure of 10 bar, giving a 25% power enhancement
  • Maximum insertion height of 2.5cm
  • Optimised surface profile, including an interlocking surface
  • Rounded side profile facilitates insertions
  • Lifting Capacity up to 85 Tonnes
  • 10 bar to 8 bar adaptor, allowing users to use the current 8 Bar equipment
  • Reflective centre and edge markers for improved visibility, especially in the dark

PT Hydraulics Australia Pty. Ltd. provide a range of solutions to Australian Industry. They supply market leading industrial hydraulics from Power Team, Stone, Globe, Argo Hytos & Youli. Their product range extends to include the emergency & safety industries, with hydraulic rescue tools such as hydraulic cutters, spreaders and rams from Lukas, as well as High & Low Pressure lifting airbags, and a full range of rescue accessories. They also offer cutting solutions, including the Petrogen Cutting torch, capable of cutting steel up to 30cm thick.

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