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The Power Team 100T Roll Bed Presses from PT Hydraulics

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Power Team offer a wide range of single and double acting presses, including shop presses, open throat presses and roll bed presses. The range is available from PT Hydraulics Australia  in capacaties from 10-200T.

These presses from PT Hydraulics are made to last, a point which was made clear when a 100T Roll Bed Press (RB10013) recently required some minor maintenance. Upon inspection the press was found to have been manufactured in 1982. After over 25 years of service, the press required just a new batch of oil and some replacement seals for the 100T Cylinder. The press is back in use and, with the proper maintenance, is likely to continue its long life.

In addition, Power Team Presses can be made even more versatile with the use of a Press Accessory Kit. Press Accessory Kits include:

  • V-Throat Press Plate
  • V Blocks
  • Threaded Adapter
  • Pushing & V-Pushing Adapters
These sets are available in 10T - 200T. All accessories can be purchased as single items.

Power Team Protective Blankets protect against broken or flying parts in a force pressing application. The clear protective blanket wraps easily around the press job, protecting the operator. The fact that they are clear means that the operation can be monitored at all times.

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