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Stone- A market leader in power units

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Stone Hydraulics, available from PT Hydraulics Australia ,  was developed in 1968 when Herb Stone pioneered and developed a compact hydraulic power unit utilising an electric motor. Since then Stone has continued to deliver quality, value and performance on all compact power units and accessories.

Their product range includes:


Ranging from 0.8cc to 8.0cc

  • Hi-Lo pump sets using a variety of combinations
  • External ported pumps for motor-pump units
  • 12/24V DC motors
  • Permanent magnet motors
  • 240/415V AC Motors 
  • Vane Air Motors
  • Ranging from 2L – 50L capacity
  • Plastic or Steel
  • Vertical or Horizontal 
  • Custom built tanks
Hand Controls:
  • Single and Double acting pendant controls
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Lowering Valves
  • Solenoid Sandwich Valves
  • Stackable with option of sub plates 
  • Manual Sandwich Valves
  • Stackable with microswitch & cover/key lock options
  • Cetop 3
  • Return Flow Controls
  • Motor Pump Units
  • Relief Valve Spring Selection
  • Heavy Duty Start Solenoid
  • Reversible Units
  • Wiring Looms & Enclosure

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