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Stabfast stabilisation systems available from PT Hydraulics Australia

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Stabfast stabilisation system, available from PT Hydraulics Australia , can be used for passenger cars, MPVs, vans and lorry cabins in whatever (complicated) position and on any surface they might be. Minimal number of components is required without giving rise to complications during deployment or set-up.

The Stabfast stabilisation system is fast with a minimum amount of practise and vehicles can be stabilised quickly and much time can be gained during action.

The Stabfast stabilisation system uses the weight of the vehicle that needs to be stabilised. After stabilisation the vehicle is solid. The Stabfast stabilisation system is compact and can therefore be stowed in any fire service vehicle. These systems are safe after stabilisation and the vehicle is solid and does not endanger victims or rescue workers. The Stabfast stabilisation system is user friendly and after stabilisation it does not impede action or rescue.

A stabiliser leg is placed against the vehicle at an angle of 30 to 50 degrees. The hook on the strap is attached to a firm point as low as possible on the vehicle. The strap is tightened using the ratchet on the stabiliser leg. This automatically forms a triangular shape, causing a small portion of the mass of the vehicle to be shifted to the foot of the stabiliser leg. This distributes the mass of the vehicle over a broader area. This triangular shape is the basic principle of the Stabfast stabilisation system.The Stabfast stabilisation system consists of three stabiliser legs, three coloured straps, three hooks, an adjustable wedge and a hook blade packed in two carrier bags. 

PT Hydraulics Australia Pty. Ltd. provide a range of solutions to Australian Industry. They supply market leading industrial hydraulics from Power Team, Stone, Globe, Argo Hytos & Youli. Their product range extends to include the emergency & safety industries, with hydraulic rescue tools such as hydraulic cutters, spreaders and rams from Lukas, as well as High & Low Pressure lifting airbags, and a full range of rescue accessories. They also offer cutting solutions, including the Petrogen Cutting torch, capable of cutting steel up to 30cm thick.

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