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Sealing bags contain toxic liquids

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article image Plug sewers to keep out toxic liquids leaking from tanks or boilers.
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PT Hydraulics Australia has released the Vetter range of sealing bags, used to run standard leak proof tests on sewer pipes. They are quickly inflated to plug sewers to keep out toxic liquids leaking from tanks or boilers, or polluted water running from fire-fighting operations.

Applications include keeping liquid pollutants out of gullies and sewer pipes after accidents with hazardous materials, preventing groundwater pollution and damming environmentally dangerous liquids for subsequent safe disposal.

They can also be used for damming and controlled drainage of dangerous liquids (with bypass adaptor and shut-off valve), sealing filler pipes on road and rail tankers, damming fire extinguisher water and setting up pump sumps.

They allow fast sealing of drains and gullies to prevent the inflow of toxic liquids, or outflow of polluting liquids and vapours. Basic Sealing bags can be used with different adapters. Test adapters allow leak proof tests on sewers and bypass adapters allow diversion of liquids in sewers. 

PT Hydraulics Australia Pty. Ltd. provide a range of solutions to Australian Industry. They supply market leading industrial hydraulics from Power Team, Stone, Globe, Argo Hytos & Youli. Their product range extends to include the emergency & safety industries, with hydraulic rescue tools such as hydraulic cutters, spreaders and rams from Lukas, as well as High & Low Pressure lifting airbags, and a full range of rescue accessories. They also offer cutting solutions, including the Petrogen Cutting torch, capable of cutting steel up to 30cm thick.

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