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SPX Power Team, represented by PT Hydraulics Australia , has added pushing systems to its range of pullers and mechanical tools.

The hydraulic pushers are available with a self-contained hydraulic pump or a hydraulic cylinder for connection to a remote pump set. They provide eight tons of pushing force and are suitable for installing a range of press-fit parts, including bushings, wheels, bearings, gears and pulleys.

The hydraulic pushers are available in a portable kit. The kit includes the remote or self-contained hydraulic pusher, an external Grip-O-matic puller, an internal puller, and a tri-section pulling attachment. The kit comes with a carrying case. 

PT Hydraulics Australia Pty. Ltd. provide a range of solutions to Australian Industry. They supply market leading industrial hydraulics from Power Team, Stone, Globe, Argo Hytos & Youli. Their product range extends to include the emergency & safety industries, with hydraulic rescue tools such as hydraulic cutters, spreaders and rams from Lukas, as well as High & Low Pressure lifting airbags, and a full range of rescue accessories. They also offer cutting solutions, including the Petrogen Cutting torch, capable of cutting steel up to 30cm thick.

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