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PT Hydraulics outlines the maintenance of high pressure airbags

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High pressure airbags, from PT Hydraulics, are a frequently used tool that require regular maintenance. These are robust, powerful tools used to lift, push, press, prise and support the heaviest loads in any rescue situation or natural disaster. Airbags and their accessories require regular visual and functional checks to ensure correct and safe operation. These should be carried out after each use at any incident or training prior to stowage.

Visual checks of high pressure airbags should cover all items, including:

  • Airbag
  • Hoses
  • Regulator
  • Controller and
  • Air source
Areas to inspect include:
  • Couplings and connection nipples (free from damage, easy connection and disconnection),
  • Hoses (free from cracks, kinks, abrasion, hardening, effects of chemicals and heat),
  • Valves (move smoothly, signs of abrasion),
  • Gauges (free from damage)
  • Airbags (surface free from cuts, punctures, cracks and heat or chemical marks) 
Both visual and functional checks are outlined in detail in the Vetter High Pressure Airbags Daily Care & Preventative Maintenance Manual.
It is a requirement that all high pressure airbags are hydrostatically tested every five years. Upon completion of a successful test, a Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance is issued, and the airbag is again deemed safe to use. Finally, airbags are constructed of rubber and are subject to natural ageing processes. Even if the bags show no signs of wear or damage they should be replaced after 15 years.

For more information on high pressure airbags and their maintenance, visit PT Hydraulics Australia .

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