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PT Hydraulics brings German Hywema lifting technology into Australia

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article image Hywema's RG Series mobile column lifts

PT Hydraulics Australia introduces the new Hywema lifting technology to the Asia Pacific market.

Developed in Germany, Hywema lifting technology offers a range of proven reliable and quality lifting mechanisms used widely in maintenance workshops around the world.

Hywema’s product range includes mobile vehicle lifts, mobile lift jacks, axle stands, platform lifts, lifting columns, lift and rotating devices, tilting units, and tilt tables.

Hywema's RG Series mobile column lifts are available in 2T, 6.5T, 7.5T and 35T variants with all units fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes of vehicles while enabling free movement under the entire vehicle without impeding rails and/or pits. Manufactured and used extensively for over 50 years, the RG Series lifts are highly versatile with their mobility enabling them to be easily moved between jobs or moved into storage when not in use. The electro-mechanical vehicle lift system incorporates an intrinsically safe spindle system ensuring maximum safety without the need for additional safety devices.

Hywema’s FL/N Series rail lifts are specifically designed for all necessary rail maintenance and repair work, such as fitting and removal of bogies and wheel sets, maintenance and service work, repairs to brake equipment and work on the superstructure or extensive welding work. Available in a range of tonnages from 6T to 25T, the FL/N rail lifts also incorporate a self-locking spindle system protected by special bellows to ensure operator safety and smooth operation.

Hywema's rotators are capable of lifting 10T with a rotation torque of 15,000Nm. Available with single or dual post, the rotators feature weld-resistant bellows and current transmission to allow welding while the job is on the rotator.

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