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Lukas eDraulic Rescue Tools available from PT Hydraulics Australia

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Electric or petrol-powered hydraulic rescue tools have evolved from hand pump-powered tools to enable quicker and more efficient rescues.  

The new range of hydraulic rescue tools from Lukas eDraulic includes full force, self-contained, battery-powered rescue tools designed to revolutionise rescue operations around the world.  

No power units, hoses or couplings  

Lukas eDraulic technology eliminates the use of pumps and hoses from hydraulic rescue tools. All the tools are fully self-contained and ready to use instantly. The operation is as easy as pressing the start switch to commence rescue.  

A key advantage is that rescue teams now have full mobility as hoses and pumps are no longer needed. Additionally, any number of tools can be used concurrently.  

Vehicle extrication tools  

The SP300E spreader and S700E cutter are designed for optimised performance during vehicle extrication.    

SP300E spreaders feature extra-flat tips finished with the new diamond surface to give superior grip. The spreaders can be inserted into the narrowest gap for faster and safer rescues.  

S700E cutters feature a new C-shaped blade profile to give an extra 77% cutting force over the S510 Streamline at the point of the cut.    

Fail-safe power management  

During rescue operations, each battery in the Lukas eDraulic tools will last for approximately 30 minutes. Recharge time for a battery from empty to 90% full is 60 minutes. Batteries hold their charge when the tool is not in use ensuring the tool is always ready when required.  

Tools can be directly powered from a 115V-230V power outlet using the special power supply unit supplied.  

Weight- and space-saving design  

A full-set of Lukas eDraulics tools consisting of a cutter, spreader and two rams weighs almost 50% less than the equivalent set of conventional hydraulic tools. These rescue tools offer tremendous space-saving advantage in comparison with standard rescue equipment as no pumps or hoses are required.  

Truck designs and builds become easier and economical since it no longer involves use of internal hydraulics for the pump or hose.  

Reduction in ongoing costs  

Lukas eDraulic tools enable substantial cost-savings over the service life of the tools.    

Annual oil replacement is no longer required since the closed hydraulic circuit uses a small bladder of oil contained inside the tool.  

eDraulic tools do not use hoses or couplings, eliminating replacement or repair costs.  

Ongoing savings are also achieved since the pumps do not need to be maintained.  

The freedom of eDraulics  

eDraulics kits consist of a range of essential tools that work at full power and are designed compactly for efficient storage in the rescue truck.  

Apart from freeing up space in the rescue truck, weight is reduced by almost 50% when compared to conventional hydraulic tools.   

The user-friendly tools use a single battery type across all tools eliminating any confusion.  

Suitable for use in any environment  

eDraulics rescue tools are safe to use even in hazardous environments and facilitate easier movement to an accident site to enable faster rescue.

Lukas eDraulic Rescue Tools are available from PT Hydraulics Australia .

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