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Globe Piston Air Motor Maintenance by PT Hydraulics Australia

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The Globe Piston Air Motor is known across the globe to be a market leader in Piston Air Motors. Globe Piston Air Motors are built to a simple design and are manufactured to last in applications where durability and reliability are a top priority. Of course, the Globe Piston Air Motor requires an adequate service unit in order for them to operate to their full potential.

Recently, PT Hydraulics Australia have had two Piston Air Motors fail due for this reason. The first, an RM610 was returned from an underground coal mine in North Queensland and the second, a RM410 returned from Kalgoorlie had been used to drive a water pump. In both cases the failure was caused predominately through lack of adequate filtration, water separation and poor airline lubrication.

The RM610 had high levels of carbon contamination throughout which had also mixed with the sump oil resulting in a thick oil/carbon mix which further damaged the motor. The RM410 also failed due to contamination, primarily water contamination. The motor was found to have rust internally and the hydraulic oil looked milky and cloudy – a tell tale sign that water contamination is present.

This destructive contamination of both units could have been avoided had an adequate air service unit been fitted. The simplistic nature of the Piston Air Motor enables them to last a very long time if they are correctly set up and serviced as the manufacturer recommends.

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