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Correctly tensioning the centre bolt on Lukas Cutters & Combi tools

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Lukas Cutters & Combi tools are available from PT Hydraulics Australia . Maintaining the correct tension on the Centre Bolt of these Cutters & Combi tools is of critical importance. The centre bolt should be tensioned on a regular basis to ensure the correct operation of the cutter and combi tool.

The actual frequency of checking the tension is dependent on use. For normal road crash rescue operations and training the torque setting should be checked every three months. Where the tool has been subject to heavy operational use, such as in Urban Search & Rescue, they should be checked on completion of the work.

The irregular or non completion of this maintenance may result in diminished performance of the tool.

How to check centre bolt tension on Cutters & Combi tools:

  1. Fold back the protective boot and remove any debris or liquids that may have collected
  2. Visually inspect locking nut and centre bolt for damage
  3. Loosen locking nut by 1/4 of a turn
  4. Adjust torque wrench to correct setting and tighten nut
  5. Re-position protective boot on Cutting tools & Combi tools


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