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Concept fire fighting vehicles featuring CTD foam dosing systems go on the road

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article image One of the two concept fire fighting vehicles featuring the CTD foam dosing system
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PT Hydraulics Australia partnered with SEM Fire & Rescue and two other equipment suppliers in late 2013 to build two concept fire fighting vehicles.

A key objective of the project was to design and build the most technologically advanced vehicle in Australia in a modular format to simplify and economise customisation. 

PT Hydraulics supplied two full kits of Lukas Hydraulics rescue equipment, one in conventional Streamline form, and the other kit featuring eDraulic technology, run independently on batteries, and free from all pumps and hoses.

PT Hydraulics also supplied a state-of-the-art CTD automatic foam dosing system for each of the vehicles. Featuring direct injection, these systems ensure a high level of dosing accuracy, saving foam and money in the long run. CTD foam dosing systems offer a wide range of units suitable for all applications.

The 3,000L Mercedes Atego 1629 Crew 4x4 was fitted with a CTD Cameleon Dual system with the ability to supply both A and B Class foams at high or low pressures, and featuring a fully interactive screen, external suction, automatic foam tank filling in addition to automatic purging and flushing. With in-depth reporting of each use, as well as alarms for low tank levels, the system was a perfect fit for this concept truck. In terms of operation, the Cameleon Dual system features up to six pre-set pictograms, all touch-button operated. When selected, the CTD system automatically doses the selected foam at the precise rate.

The second concept vehicle in the showcase was the Mercedes 6-Class featuring the CTD Triton Mobile foam dosing unit. Designed for use with Class A foam, the Triton Mobile is an easy-to-install plug and play system that only requires the operator to select the foam dosage rate required. The Triton Mobile is perfect for retrofitting of existing vehicles and is also available as a fully integrated system within a truck.

The two concept vehicles were showcased around the country, including in Melbourne, Ballarat, Canberra, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin. 

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