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Bio Ex Fire-Fighting Foams from PT Hydraulics Australia

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PT Hydraulics Australia  offers the Bio Ex fire-fighting foams specially formulated to minimise the impact on the environment.

It was assumed that fire-fighting foams were environmentally safe without fully appreciating the potential detrimental effects of releasing them into the land or water.

Bio Ex fire-fighting foam from France has an environment-friendly, non-toxic, fluorine-free formulation that aims to minimise the negative impact of foams on the environment.

BIO FOR fire-fighting foams for Class A materials

BIO FOR is the perfect foam for tackling fires involving Class A materials. The fire-fighting foam meets relevant standards for extinguishing fire involving solids and has been proven to be more efficient than common foams on these fires. A 100% fluorine-free fire-fighting foam, it leaves no persistent residues.

BIOFILM fire-fighting foams for Class B materials

Liquid hydrocarbons that cause industrial fires are classified as Class B materials. BIOFILM fire-fighting foam has been developed to address industrial fire risks. Fully biodegradable and glycol-free, it meets the EN 1568-3 as well as ICAO Level B standards.

These two fluorine-free fire-fighting foams have been extensively tested by the Hygiene Institute at Gelsenkirshen, Germany and the results clearly indicated that these foams were fully biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for use at the recommended rate of dilution.

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