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Bio Ex Fire Fighting Foam by PT Hydraulics

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Bio Ex Foam, distributed in Australia and New Zealand by PT Hydraulics, have a range of fire-fighting foams that, not only minimise the negative impact on the environment, but are bio-degradable and fluorine free. 

The Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable Fire Fighting Foams by Bio Ex


A wetting and foaming additive for forest fire, urban fire and industrial fire fighting, it can be used at a very low concentration.

  • Can deeply penetrate all solids multiplying extinguishing power 
  • Low, medium and high expansion for all known equipment 
  • Nitrate-free as well as inhibits metal corrosion 
  • Works on all hydrocarbon fires, including vehicle fires
  • Friendly and harmless for the environment, fluorine-free and biodegradable 


A fluorosynthetic foam AFFF formulated exclusively on a surfactant combination. The film-forming property AFFF gives to BIOFILM 3S a high speed of extinction on hydrocarbon fires thanks to the aqueous film which insulates the fuel surface from the air.

  • Low expansion but forceful application against hydrocarbons
  • When used at Medium expansion, creates a foam blanket
  • Totally glycol-free 
  • Organic mass has been lowered so any potential toxicity is eliminated 
  • Fuel pick up is reduced, extinction speed is enhanced, burnback resistance is strengthened. 


An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional foam concentrates. This new generation synthetic FFF (Fluorocompound-Free Foam) AR foam concentrate, is based on the combination of hydrophilic natural polymers and surfactants resistant to contamination.

  • Low, medium and high expansion foam
  • ECOPOL is efficient on hydrocarbon fires and polar solvent fires. It is approved as a 3X3 and a 3X6, enabling to select the concentration of use at 3% or 6% depending on the proportioning system chosen
  • ECOPOL has been successfully tested on numerous fires, such as acetone, methanol, isopropanol, THF, diethylether, toluene, ethylacetate
  • Keeps water for a very long time, making it highly efficient on polar solvent fires
  • Ecopol is totally biodegradable and fluorine-free 


A synthetic foam designed for training purposes, based on the combination of surfactants selected for their foaming property and fast drainage time.

  • Low, medium or high expansion 
  • Can be used in all kinds of training situations 
  • Harmless and totally biodegradable, making it one of the most environmentally friendly solutions on the market for fire fighting foam. 
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