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Worksafe Victoria introduces new Guide to Crowd Control at Venues and Events

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Worksafe Victoria recently released a Guide to Crowd Control at Venues and Events. The guide has been developed to support and assist crowd control agencies, host employers (venues and events) who use crowd control staff to understand and fulfill their responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004. 

Controlling the risks – placing crowd controllers into safe workplaces

Managing crowds involves significant risk. The extent, severity and exposure to risk will vary depending on: the circumstances that crowd controllers find themselves in; how well they have been prepared; and how effectively risks have been identified, assessed and controlled. To fully appreciate the risks involved in your business, you need to take the time to investigate, identify and assess them.

Do unacceptable work practices exist in your Venue?

Worksafe Victoria’s Guide for Crowd Control at Venues and Events clearly states that a failure to provide “regular refresher training on patron restraining or detaining techniques is an unacceptable work practice”

Nationally recognized training

PSG Australia is a Registered Training Organisation accredited by Victoria Police to deliver security training for crowd controllers. We can deliver nationally recognized refresher training in PRSSO316A Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques to your workforce. This 1 day course will help you meet your OH & S obligations & make your venue safer for employees, patrons and guests. 

Identify the need to use empty hand techniques 
Apply defensive techniques 
Isolate subject 
Evaluate response 

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