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Work Skills Vouchers available from PSG Australia

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PSG Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), offering flexible training packages to meet the needs of its students. All of PSG Australia’s courses use blended learning approach involving online delivery, workbooks and face to face teaching to maximise the benefits of one’s learning experience.

From 1 January 2007, Work Skills Vouchers worth of up to $3000 will be available to interested Australians aged 25 and over, who do not have Year 12 or a certificate level II qualification.

The vouchers will improve the basic skills of Australians currently in the workforce or looking for work, who have no formal qualifications.

Improvements in basic skills will help people who are already in employment to move into higher level positions, and assist those who are looking for work to find jobs.

Australian citizens or permanent residents aged 25 years and over, who do not have a Year 12 or equivalent qualification, or certificate level II or higher level qualification are eligible to apply for a Work Skills Voucher.

The RTO will ask one to complete a statutory declaration confirming that one has not previously completed a Year 12 or equivalent, or certificate level II or higher level qualification.

Depending on one’s circumstances, one will need to bring along other documents to apply. Contact RTO to find out what these are.

Priority will be given to applicants in the following order:
1. Unskilled workers wishing to acquire qualifications;

2. Income support recipients who will face active job search requirements in the next two years. This includes:

  • income support recipients receiving personal support, disability support, vocational rehabilitation support, parents or carers payments; and
  • parents (or carers/guardians) on parenting payment, whose youngest child has turned 4 and who, if still receiving income support, will be required to look for work when their youngest child turns 6;

3. Unemployed job seekers in receipt of income support and participating in the job network, who are undertaking active job search (provided they continue to meet their activity test requirements); and

4. People not in the labour force, either voluntarily or because of carer responsibilities, who intend to seek work after achieving their qualification (including people who are voluntarily participating in employment services).

People who have already completed Year 12 or equivalent, or a certificate level II or higher qualification will not be eligible for a Work Skills Voucher.

What training can one use the voucher for?
The voucher may be used for:

  • Year 12 (basic education courses);
  • vocational Certificate II courses; and
  • accredited literacy/numeracy courses.

Vouchers may not be used to pay for Australian Apprenticeship training (i.e. apprenticeships or traineeships). However, upon completion of Year 12 or Certificate II training under the Work Skills Voucher programme, an individual may wish to undertake an Australian Apprenticeship to further enhance their skills.

Where can one use the voucher?
The voucher can be used at any organisation approved by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). Primarily this will include TAFE, private or community colleges that are RTOs and have been approved by DEST to provide voucher eligible courses.

Can one use the voucher for more than one course?
If one is eligible, he/she will be able to apply for a Work Skills Voucher for either a Year 12 or vocational Certificate II course. Once one has commenced in this course, he/she will not be eligible for any further Work Skills Vouchers.

In some circumstances, a RTO may recommend that one undertakes a literacy or numeracy course, prior to starting a Year 12 or vocational Certificate II course. In this situation, he/she can be issued with a Work Skills Voucher for both courses.

If one wants to enrol in a literacy or numeracy course, but are not yet sure which Year 12 or vocational Certificate II course one wants to enrol in, he/she will be issued with a Work Skills Voucher that will include the literacy or numeracy course and the balance of funds available to them to undertake Year 12 or a vocational Certificate II within 12 months.

For each individual, the total value of their Work Skills Voucher cannot exceed $3000.

When can one undertake the training?
Vouchers will be available from 1 January 2007, and can be used for any eligible training after this date.

How does one apply?
Details of approved RTOs and the courses they are offering are available. To obtain a voucher one will need to:

  • identify the RTOs, which are offering the qualifications one wants to achieve. One may wish to shop around to see which course offers the best training and best value;
  • once one has chosen a RTO, he/she will need to contact them to enrol in the course. The RTO will check one’s eligibility for the voucher and inform DEST of the course one has chosen;
  • DEST will then mail one a voucher for the cost of the course one has enrolled in; and
  • one will need to present the voucher to the RTO, when one starts the course, and this will cover enrolment costs (to a maximum of $3000).

There are up to 30,000 vouchers available each year. If one contacts a RTO to enrol in a course after all the vouchers have been issued, they will be able to help one enrol in a course, when more vouchers become available.

What if there is no approved RTO offering the course one wants in one’s area?
DEST has contracted RTOs across Australia, including those who can deliver training on-line and via distance education units. The website lists the RTOs that are able to offer this type of training.

What if one’s course costs more than $3000?
One’s voucher will cover the first $3000 and he/she will need to pay any costs over this amount.

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