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PSG Australia is a Quality Endorsed Company providing security, investigative and training services throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The company is the preferred supplier to Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany & Co, Christian Dior, Fendi, and Moet & Chandon. The company is a Registered Training Organisation.

Training packages are a key feature of Vocational Education and Training in Australia. They are part of the National Training Framework that aims to make skills development and training arrangements simple, flexible and relevant to the needs of industry.

Security Training Packages provide many pathways to competency. Australians can achieve vocational competency in many ways.

Security Training Packages acknowledge this by emphasizing what the learner can do; not how or where they learned to do it. For example, some experienced workers might be able to demonstrate competency against set standards and gain a qualification without completing a formal training course. This is a process called Skills Recognition, or Recognition or Prior Learning.

Security Training Packages have 3 components:

*Competency standards:

These provide an industry endorsed benchmark for training and assessment. They enable enterprises to accurately define particular roles within industry, and are a useful guide when designing job classifications, workplace appraisal, and skill development. They are the basis for designing Vocational Education and Training courses and assessment approaches for delivery off the job by registered training providers.

*National Qualifications

These are awarded when a learner has been assessed as achieving a combination of units of competency that provides a meaningful outcome at an industry or enterprise level. Each qualification consists of a number of core and/or elective units of competency that industry representatives consider workers should possess to perform a particular job.

*Assessment Guidelines

These provide a framework for accurate, reliable and valid assessment of the applicable competency standards. They ensure that all assessments are thorough, consistent and valid and they also provide important quality assurance in the issuing of qualifications. They include a statement on the qualifications required by assessors, guidelines for designing assessment materials and guidelines for conducting assessment.

PSG Australia offers the following nationally recognised qualifications from Training Packages:

* Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management

* Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management) & (Small Business Management)

* Certificate III in Security Operations

* Certificate II in Security Operations

* Maritime Security

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