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PSG Australia’s quality endorsed security services include guarding, risk management, fraud investigation, employee screening and nationally recognized training. The company has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

PSG’s Security Manager, Paul Simmons says that opportunistic thieves consider office buildings as easy targets. Even a workmate could be a potential thief. Here are six ways you can increase workplace security:

1.      Lock it up or lose it. Thieves usually look for items of value such as laptop computers, mobile phones and electronic equipment they can easily sell. Staff property, such as wallets and valuables, will also be stolen if not locked up.

2.      Make sure you have up-to-date security. Office security needs constant attention. Thieves will always be looking for opportunities. If your building has up-to-date security measures in place and alert staff, it may deter or prevent a theft.

3.      Check security procedures for all building entry and exit points. Check for any faults and weaknesses in the security procedures you use. Thieves will take advantage of any opportunities to gain undetected access, such as through faulty fire doors and elevators; unattended loading docks and unattended reception areas.

4.      Encourage staff to approach unknown visitors. Thieves often gain entry to buildings by 'tailgating' a legitimate staff member. Security and other relevant staff should question people who are not wearing identification and establish if they have authority for being on the premises. A security process should be in place to deal with this sort of situation.

5.      Install security system warning signs to deter thieves. Warning signs at entry points to the building can inform a potential thief of your security systems and deter them from entering the building. (For example, if you use 24 hour video surveillance, put up a sign advertising the fact.)

6.      Report all suspicious or criminal activity to police.If you hear something or see something, say something. It is important that all thefts are reported to police, even if there is no apparent evidence left at the scene and further investigation may not required. Suspicious activity outside or within the building should also be reported to police. If staff believe that they are in danger of being injured or a crime is in progress they should call 000 for emergency assistance.

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