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Gucci security supplier on how to combat shoplifting

Supplier News

PSG Australia is a Quality Endorsed Company providing security, investigative and training services throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The company is the preferred supplier to Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany & Co, Christian Dior, Fendi, and Moet & Chandon.

Shopstealing Detection Tips

PSG Australia is an industry leader and our experience ranges from gate house access control at some of Australia’s busiest ports to personal protection for international fashion models. PSG Australia have various products and services for businesses who need help combating credit card fraud. To assist in the detection of shopstealers, PSG Australia advises you to note the following diversions:

* Customers carrying large or oversized bags;

* Customers carrying merchandise around the shop with them.

* Customers carrying newspapers. Newspapers can be used to conceal flat items such as books

* Take note of customers who wear jackets, overcoats, etc. when its warm outside?

* Customers who appear nervous, overly perspiring or agitated;

* Customers who appear suspicious. You can approach the customer to ask them if they require assistance and/or reposition stock in their immediate area.

* Customers who do not appear to have a deliberate purpose to purchase items;

* Customers who leave your store very quickly;

* Customers who place bags on the floor while looking at stock. Items can be easily dropped into a bag before the business owner/employee has a chance to notice;

* Customers who refuse to be waited on;

* Customers who remain in the store for lengthy periods of time,

* Customers who frequently return to a particular spot within the store;

* Customers who refuse to look you directly in the eye;

* Customers who stand around rest rooms, stockrooms or stairways;

* Be aware of persons who pose as tradesmen, particularly those in back of shop;

* Be aware of unsupervised school children in the store during school hours;

* Be aware of groups of two or more customers. One customer may be conspiring to distract your attention while the other customer steals the items.

* Tricks that customers may try to pull include: a couple fighting in the store whilst third person steals the goods, customers purposely falling over, customers dropping money or merchandise, customers spilling the contents of their purse, and faking illnesses.

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