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Employee screening and anti-fraud measures

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Internal fraud is a major problem for any organisation. The 2004 KPMG Fraud Survey found that 99% of frauds committed against retail organizations were carried out by employees.

Disturbingly, the average value of these frauds was found to be $15,524.

Worse news to come from the KPMG Fraud Survey - 7% of offenders had been involved in fraudulent activity against a previous employer. In these cases, the average fraud was a staggering $318,000.

PSG Australia can help businesses filter people with criminal histories during recruiting processes. It offers a simple national search of police database records in Australia and New Zealand to identify criminal convictions and/or findings of guilt.

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* One point of contact for all your security needs in Victoria, NSW and Queensland

* Independently Certified Quality Management System

* Registered Training Organisation delivering national qualifications

* Exceptional reputation and experience

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