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Dealing with armed robbers

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ALL armed offenders must be treated as dangerous. They are usually nervous and unpredictable. Some may also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is important to:

* Remain calm

* Appear submissive and compliant: obey the armed robber without question can improve personal safety

* Raise the alarm only when safe: alarms should only be activated if it is completely safe to do so

* Assist the police by recording all the details, including a description of the offender and statements from witnesses

* Be careful about how the offender is observed, for example avoid direct eye contact

* When dealing with the media, simply refer them to the police for a statement. Do not make statements or answer any questions. The police will supply all the relevant details to the media.

Assisting the police

To assist the police following an armed robbery, note the following:

* The time of the offence

* The time the offender left the premises

* The weapon/s used or implied

* A description of the offender

* What the offender took

* Any evidence at the scene

* The direction the offender left in

* Any transportation the offender used including type, make, model, colour, registration and number of occupants

* Witnesses to the event (they should still be in the premises).

Paul Simmons is the Security Manager of PSG Australia. Before joining the company, he was the manager of a Victoria Police Robbery Unit.

PSG Australia is a national security provider and a Registered Training Organisation delivering nationally recognised training in security, business management and First Aid qualifications.

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