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KEEPING track of assets and inventory can be a tedious and laborious task if completed manually and errors will undoubtedly occur that dramatically affect the final outcome.

The answer is to utilise data capture equipment and Automatic Data Capture Association member PSC Asia Pacific has the solution in its IntelliTrack data management software system.

When IntelliTrack is combined with barcode readers and barcode labels the entire process of collecting data becomes a whole lot easier and faster.

Not only will the collection of data for be more efficient, the system will also save money because time is not spent correcting mistakes or double checking information.

IntelliTrack utilises a relational database to ensure data integrity and specialised modules have been designed to custom fit a range of business environments.

IntelliTrack was created using Microsoft Access 2002 which is one of the most popular development tools. This means the IntelliTrack module choosen can easily be customised to suit specific system requirements.

While IntelliTrack can be used on a desktop computer, PSC recommends the use of its Falcon, TopGun or PT2000 portable data terminals with the system.

Integration of these has already been included in the system giving users the flexibility of being able to conduct physical inventories, moving around tracking items, issuing or receiving stock and so on.

The system could also include a radio frequency set up so the data that is collected is immediately sent back to the host computer making the information available in real-time.

IntelliTrack is an intelligent way to keep track, no matter how large or small the operation.

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