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Sealanes GEP88 Generator Installation

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Sealanes, a Western Australian food service, seafood distributor and ship supplier, recently began integrating its IT department to a central location. The integration project would involve housing all the IT related processes and infrastructure for their Fremantle, Karratha, Port Hedland, Darwin and Palmyra branches to one central location at their Marine Tce, Fremantle branch. Project Rentals were chosen to supply and install an Olympian GEP88 diesel generator. This generator would ensure that in the event of a power outage, all l IT related functions from administration, payroll, accounts and retail checkout counters would continue to operate without disruption.  

Rhys Comley, Sealanes IT department said “being located so close to the ocean with its high winds, we experience power outages on a regular basis, so the need for a back-up generator, especially with the centralising of our IT department was critical.”  

“Without the back-up generator, all of our computers and servers would grind to a halt, not only bringing the business to a standstill, but also causing potential hardware and network problems as a result.”  

Sealanes CEO said “Literally within days of the genset installation, we experienced a power outage at our Fremantle branch and without fail the PR Power Olympian generator came to life and successfully kept all IT hardware and our retail store operating. It was great timing for us and vindicated our decision to purchase the back-up generator, saving us thousands of dollars in downtime and lost revenue immediately had we not had the genset in place.”

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