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Stainless steel sand filtration systems

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article image Sistema Azud automatic filters.

PPI Corporation has added DIX Hydromedia sand media filters to its extensive range of industrial water filtration products.

The filters are manufactured in tank diameters of 500, 900 and 1200mm, with manifolded banks of two to eight individual tanks.

Flow rates of between 300 and 9,200 litres a minute are processed, filtering particles as small as 50μm.

DIX Hydromedia systems feature stainless steel construction, engineered for optimal strength, corrosion resistance and reliability.

The standard range utilises grade 304 stainless steel, however for applications where chloride levels in excess of 150ppm are encountered, optional grade 316 stainless steel is offered.

Each filter tank is fitted with its own secondary Azud disc filter to guarantee optimal water quality, making it suited to industrial process water filtration.

PPI specialises in the manufacture and distribution of water handling equipment and polyethylene piping for industrial, mining and agricultural applications.

The addition of sand media filters is viewed as strategically important to its longterm goal of offering a complete range of water filtration systems.

PPI Corporation has a thirty year history in the manufacture of stainless steel screen water filters in both manual and automatic options, with flow rates of up to 10,000 litres a minute.

In 1999 PPI commenced distribution in Australia and New Zealand of disc filters manufactured by Sistema Azud of Spain.

Originally developed to filter water for drip irrigation, the Azud filters are now used extensively in industrial process water and irrigation filtration applications throughout the world.

PPI AZUD automatic filters incorporate a unique helix element through which contaminated water passes on entering the filter body.

This helix element induces a spinning action in the water which through centrifugal action, forces the suspended contaminants away from the filtration disc cartridge, thereby extending the duty cycles between backflushing.

Automatic backflush cycles are initiated by either time, inlet/outlet pressure differential, or volumetric measures.

During backflush cycle, the filter housings are rapidly emptied of water and discs are separated as clean water is directed at the inner faces of the discs via tangentially positioned jets.

This process causes the discs to spin violently, dislodging contaminant particles that are flushed from the filter housings.

An option to include compressed air in the backflush cycle reduces its duration to as little as seven seconds per filter body, thereby offering substantial water savings.

This feature is especially attractive in systems employing chemical dosing or where disposal of backflush discharge water is restricted.

PPI AZUD filters are capable of filtering particles as small as 20μm and handling flow rates of up to 6,000 litres a minute.

The release of the DIX Hydromedia sand filters completes the range of filtration product options offered by PPI Corporation.

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