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PPC expands range of specialist car care products

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Coatings expert Permanent Painted Coatings (PPC) has expanded its range of specialist car cleaning products that protect, enhance and extend the life of cars.  

PPC is the sole distributor of car care products from major international brands including Bilt & Hamber and POR 15 in addition to various in-house brands. These car cleaning products give automobiles a professional finish while also providing a highly effective protective coating against corrosion.  

Bilt & Hamber car care products include Auto-clay, Auto-wash and Auto-balm.  


Auto-clay helps remove harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes, improving durability and increasing the gloss level of subsequent waxes.  

Once applied, Auto-clay leaves a glass smooth ultra clean finish as preparation for the application of Auto-balm gloss protection system. A clay prepared paint surface is not only free of damaging particles but will provide better shine and durability when treated with Auto-balm.  


A highly powerful range of environment-friendly vehicle shampoos, Auto-wash is formulated for gentle and effective cleaning of the car’s paintwork before waxing with
Auto-balm. Being a highly concentrated formula, only a little quantity is required to be added to water.    


Auto-balm provides protection and gloss to automotive paintwork. A finishing protective polish with no cutting compounds, Auto-balm will seal capillary pores in paintwork and provide an anti-corrosion barrier to stone chips and other damage on vehicle paintwork.  

POR-15 car care products  


Ideal for rejuvenating old vinyl, POR Glo provides a clear coat for vinyl surfaces on the car including vinyl tops, bumpers or any other exterior vinyl surface that needs protection.  

Boss Gloss

Boss Gloss is a rubber and plastic trim treatment that works better and lasts longer.  

Fuel preservative

The fuel preservative and stabiliser is formulated to prevent rust formation when fuel sits for days or weeks at a time. When added to the fuel tank, the fuel preservative chemically isolates oxygen preventing oxidation and neutralises corrosive compounds to stop rust formation.  

The fuel preservative is available in a special dispenser bottle to ensure exact measurement and prevent wastage.  

PPC branded products  

PPC stocks a range of in-house brands including the PPC Carnauba Wax and PPC Bar Kit.  

PPC Carnauba Wax  

PPC Carnauba Wax is combined with other waxes, natural and synthetic oils as well as polymers to render premium shine and protection to the vehicle body, bringing out the rich glow and natural colours of the paintwork.  

Brazilian Carnauba Wax is formulated for a quick curing application for proper bonding to the paint finish, which allows layering for more depth and gloss. It will easily help to fill in minor swirls and scratches, making them less visible.  

Key features:  

  • No abrasives or powdery residue 
  • Provides shine, gloss and lasting protection 
  • Hard paste wax with extremely high #1 pure carnauba content at 66% 
  • Helps to protect against water spots and other environmental stains 
  • Helps with washing off and removing dirt and debris 
  • Additional layers will add more protection 
  • Lasts 20-30 applications 
  • Also available in a 33% #1 pure Brazilian carnauba wax formulation     
PPC Bar Kit

The PPC Bar Kit contains the Clay Bar and Detail Spray that when used together, ensure that the car will be clean and concourse ready.

The PPC Clay Bar is a surface cleanser and pre wax cleaner that removes contamination including overspray from vehicle paint, totally smoothening out the paint to significantly increase the shine of subsequent waxes.

An important step before buffing, waxing or polishing, the PPC Clay Bar is fast, safe and easy to use, removing stubborn surface contaminants that are not removed with ordinary washing. 

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