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What are Grades of Thermal Paper?

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POSMarket.com.au  supplies a range of Point of Sale (POS) equipment and software for commercial applications. This article explains the intricacies of thermal paper selection.

Looking for the perfect grade of thermal paper can sometimes be difficult. This is often caused by numerous manufacturers who use their own thermal paper grading system.

Despite this, there are several factors which help to decide the grades of thermal paper in any ranking system. These are: Sensitivity, Environmental Resistance, Archivability Years and Caliper.

Sensitivity is one of the more important factors when one is looking at high quality prints on thermal paper.

The sensitivity of thermal paper denotes how fine and sharp images and text appear. Low grade thermal paper can make text appear diffused and images blurry.

Environmental Resistance is another important factor, especially if the thermal paper will be exposed to varying conditions such as heat, light and moisture.

Even things as minor as the oil on a person's fingers can cause damage to low grade thermal paper.

If the thermal paper is going to be exposed to the elements, it is essential that one uses a high grade thermal paper with a high environmental resistance.

The Archivability Years grades indicated on thermal paper packaging are simply referring to the lifespan of text and images on a page before they fade.

Due to the chemical nature of thermal paper a certain quality is required to hold an image or text for decades to come.

Some low grade thermal paper may lose its contents in a short space of time, even when archived and stored in a dry dark box.

The Caliper of the paper is simply the thickness. Thicker paper is often more durable than thinner thermal paper types.

The top grades of thermal paper, whether measured in numbers or names will often have a good level of survivability and quality in all four of the above areas.

However cost-savings can be made by buying thermal paper suitable for specific needs. For example, thermal paper which will be archived does not need to have high environmental resistance.

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