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Unotron introduces washable keyboards and mouse

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Unotron presents a new line of washable computer keyboards and mice that meets all design and performance considerations of regular computer accessories.

Washable and sterilisable keyboards and mice are ideal for workers in healthcare or educational environments where frequent washing is needed to reduce the incidence of infection.

While the area around the scroll wheel of a regular mouse is most vulnerable to spills, waterproofing it is very difficult. Using an O-ring to seal the shaft is a typical solution but causes problems for a computer mouse because of the basic sensitivity requirement.

Unotron has designed the new washable mouse by eliminating the shaft from the design entirely, instead embedding magnets into the mouse wheel that activate a second internal wheel, which is also studded with magnets.

Although the internal wheel is sequestered behind a waterproof barrier, the magnetic field ensures adequate sensitivity and responsiveness. Even in the event of the mouse being doused in liquid, the removable scroll wheel allows a quick clean-up.

Additionally, Unotron has removed the mouse ball and replaced it with a foolproof optical tracking system to eliminate the tracking problems that typically plague normal computer mice in dirty environments.  

Company spokesperson Dale Purcocks explains that standard spill-proof keyboards make things difficult for typists, but the new washable keyboards compete favourably with normal ones.

Shafts on normal keyboards connecting the keys to the actuators are unsealed, leaving them vulnerable to spills. Unotron's waterproof keyboards have shafts individually sealed with a semi-hemispherical layer of elastomer, which not only waterproofs the entire assembly but also provides the pleasing keyboard feel that typists rely on for speed and accuracy during touch-typing.

These keyboards can be easily cleaned by running water and removing the excess moisture is as simple as upending the keyboard and shaking out the water.

The mouse buttons are also sealed similar to the waterproof keys on the washable keyboard. Both the keyboard and the mouse are rated IP66 though the wash temperature should not exceed 80ºC to prevent damage to the plastic.

Sterilising the keyboards and mice can be done by completely immersing the hardware in Milton sterilising fluid for 30 seconds.

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