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Top Free Barcode Scanning Apps

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Apple is continuously and effectively revolutionising the world of touch screen POS with the availability of a number of apps with barcode scanning capabilities. These apps can be used on iPads, iPhones and the new generation iTouch devices to scan barcodes.

An Apple device with an appropriate barcode scanning app now helps customers get access to price information and product data or simply sum up the total price of items in the cart even before getting to the checkout counter.

Top Free Barcode Scanning Apps:


This free app takes a bit longer to load but is an innovation in the world of touch screen apps as the user can get the updated price of the item.


This free barcode scanning app works on iPhone and iTouch devices. Though quick in generating results, the quality of results is not the same as the ShopSavvy app. This app is perfect for those who want to get quick results and are not particular about the accuracy of the price.

Red Laser

A touch screen POS app, Red Laser runs on iPhone and iTouch but does not support ios 3.x and lower devices. Scanning is fairly easy and results are generated quickly from sites such as Milo.com, Google and TheFind among others.

Prize Check

A barcode scanner app by Amazon, Prize Check is a functioning app with limited capacity. In addition to search capabilities, the app allows the user to take a picture of the item, command via voice prompt or conduct an old-fashioned text search.

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