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Top 3 benefits of wireless barcode scanners

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Barcode scanners are designed for a wide range of functions including tracking, automating, indexing and managing. Barcode readers are available in different types with varying levels of capability.

Depending on the technology that it uses, a barcode scanner comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and kinds. Wireless barcode scanners offer several advantages to users including mobility, compatibility and range.


The portability of wireless barcode scanners is a great USP and a key differentiator as the equipment allows the user to move around for data collection. Wireless scanners are battery-operated devices that scan the barcode on a product and transmit the data to a computer. Since there is no need to connect the device to an electrical point, it is ideal for environments where data collection involves a lot of moving around.


Wireless scanners are designed for a high level of compatibility with standard protocols of most networks all over the world, eliminating linkage issues as they can easily detect and automatically transmit information regardless of the brand, OS and other specifications.


Regular barcode scanners that come with a cord for connection to a computer offer a limited range. Wireless barcode scanners, on the other hand have no problems with range limits as they only need a wireless network and can easily collect data to be read by a computer.

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