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Survey Reveals Increased Demand for Touch Screen Computers

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According to a recent survey, nearly 1/3 of all laptop users and 1/4 of desktop PC owners prefer touch screen computers as their next buy.    

Market watcher Canalys recently spoke with 4,000 random PC and phone users throughout Europe and reported that interest in touch screens has risen rather dramatically of late.  

Survey participants were asked to rank their desire for PC touch screen UIs on a scale of 1 - 10 with the higher figure indicating a stronger interest.

Highlights of the survey: 

  • 26% of desktop PC users gave a rating of 9/10
  • 32% of Notebook/ Netbook users gave a rating of 9/10
  • In the phone consumer group, the results indicated that people who have owned many phones (up to 15 or more) rated having touch screens on Netbooks and Netbook-style devices very highly
  • People opting for smartphones also clearly see the advantages of touch screens and prefer a touch screen-integrated system in other types of computing kits
  • iPhone owners weren't too concerned about touch screens for desktops or laptops but 61% from this group preferred a Netbook with touchscreen

The popularity of media-oriented touch screen tablets will continue to rise in future with greater likelihood of the new generation of consumers demanding innovative electronic devices and gadgets as they expect newer, better, faster and of course smarter techno devices that surpass previous models.

The new generation of tablets and touch screen computers will require an integrated application, content and service delivery model to be considered vital by users in the business marketplace as well as by individual customers.  

World class manufacturers such as Epson, Lenovo, Samsung and IBM offer a superior range of PCs and touch screen computers for business or personal needs. 

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