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QuickScan QD2330 handheld laser bar code readers raise retail and office scanning standards

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Datalogic adds the QuickScan L QD2330 general purpose handheld laser bar code readers to its innovative Desk series.  

Bringing advantages such as lightweight convenience, efficiency and performance to retail and office scanning operations, the QuickScan QD2330 laser bar code readers emit a bright red laser line that spans a wider bar code label at normal distances to ensure complete data capture.  

Aided by the patented Green Spot information registration verification, the QD2330 handheld scanners enable first-run accuracy to improve efficiency and performance while eliminating second-pass halts to the workflow as well as dual data entry errors and inaccuracies.  

Available in an ergonomic design for retail and office scanning environments, Datalogic's QuickScan L QD2330 laser bar code readers enhance performance and reduce maintenance costs while maximising efficiency and productivity.

Key features of QuickScan QD2330 laser bar code readers: 

  • Audible scan verification and dual visual confirmation increase confidence and efficiency levels
  • Volume controlled single beep allows single entry data capture if the eyes are drawn away during scanning
  • Eliminates the need to interrupt operations to manually check an item's registration, improving time usage, accuracy and throughput
  • Allows accurate input at angled scanning for quicker operations
  • Tri-phased verification confirms data capture and transfer, eliminating inaccuracies and underproduction
  • Enables easy on-site replacement of the scan glass if damaged, reducing maintenance downtime and costs while optimising equipment life
  • Allows multiple interfaces including Keyboard Wedge, Wand and USB among others, allowing user-defined options in single units or kit options
  • Optional stands allow for handheld or hands-free operations
  • User's cord preferences enable easy integration into current systems
  • Multiple symbologies of 1D and GS1 DataBar linear codes allow a wide range of label scanning without costly software licensing

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