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POSMarket supplies Zebra barcoded medication wristbands

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POSMarket.com.au , specialists in point of sale equipment, are happy to supply Z-band patient wristbands, from its business partner Zebra Technologies Corporation, for use in the healthcare industry.

The Z-band patient wristbands were developed by Zebra with the intention to assist in the prevention of deaths that resulting from medical errors. The medical bands feature barcodes to ensure patients are correctly identified and the correct medication safely administered.

According to Anders Gustafsson, chief executive officer for Zebra Technologies, the last eighteen months has seen an increase in the use of bedside bar code medication administration, with more than 125 million units sold worldwide at 2nd June 2010.

Zebra’s medical wristbands utilise its specialised thermal transfer technology to create this automated identification solution. The bar coded hospital wristbands are designed to accurately record patient medication information, reducing the possibility of errors and mistakes.

Zebra's bands are printed using thermal printers for a crisper, clearer image, rather than typical dot matrix and laser printers. This method ensure that the barcodes printed on patient ID bands are easy to read and therefore medication is administered correctly.

The hospital Z-bands are specifically designed for the hospital environment to avoid incidents such as degradation of barcode from smudges or hand. The Zebra hospital wristbands are resistant to alcohol, water, foams and blood.

The bands are MRI certified. They will not cause an adverse reaction in an MRI procedure.

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