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POSMarket.com.au offer Datalogic's Magellan versatile 8300 barcode scanner with expanded

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From platter size to optical glass to configuration and software unit packages, Datalogic's Magellan 8300 barcode scanners, available at POSMarket.com.au , present wide open options for retailers worldwide, maximises functionality, versatility, and performance for retail enterprises, both large and small.

No longer do retailers have to cramp customer's product layout and congest check-out throughput due to minimal slide areas, as the 8300 barcode scanners unlock counter space restrictions with a small, medium, or large platter width. Retailers can design check-out aisle space around product specifications and ergonomic parameters, increasing work efficiency and resulting in customer satisfaction.

In addition, offering the retail industry expanded functionality, Magellan 8300 barcode scanners has the option of combining scanning capabilities with scale functions. The 8300 model has both the primary scale-only option as well as the scanner/scale duo for weight-related pricing for easy produce purchases.

The Magellan 8300 barcode scanner model sets have dual options on scanning glass design. Offering either standard diamond-like carbon(DLC) glass or the ultimate sapphire glass with lifetime guarantee on all three sizes of scanners and scanners/scales. Ensure all produce items are safely channelled through the check-out area and minimize product damage before purchase, optional produce lift rails, further reduce work stoppage for area cleaning.

Other Magellan 8300 barcode scanners features include:

  • Flange- or shelf-mounting options - expanded configuration choices for all sized scanner scales models of the Magellan.
  • Integrate Datalogic's Magellan Scale Technology - featuring patented All-Weights(tm) scale platters, including single or dual interval weighing process options.
  • PreScan(tm) Queue-Busting Software Accessories - available with all three 8300 model sizes, virtually eliminates check-out waiting times
Datalogic's Magellan 8300 barcode scanning solutions provide low-cost license packages from single-use to unlimited lanes with reasonable plan purchase options for every current size of retail operation. Even plan upgrades are tailored to operations' sizes and need, encompassing every current operation's size and potential future.

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