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POSMarket.com.au discuss LCD Monitors vs. LED Monitors

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When purchasing a pos system the most common dilemma is often whether to choose an LCD or an LED pos monitor. POSMarket.com.au discuss the benefits of each.

LCD are often the cheaper of the two types of monitors, however, LCD pos systems tend to consume more electricity. The initial saving in purchase is therefore spent on monthly electric bills and the monitors are less cost effective.

LED monitors, on the other hand, are more expensive to purchase initially, however, when considering the long term costs they are more cost effective than the LCD monitors as the electric consumption is lower.

Whether choosing an LCD or LED monitor, the important thing is to consider the usage, budget and the like. It is important to take these matters into careful consideration as they will surely play a very important role in the using and maintaining of the touch screen monitor that you will use for any business.

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