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POS monitor investigation from POSMarket.com.au

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When it comes to touch screen pos, the size of the monitor is one consideration that all merchants and operators are particular about as it is the size of the screen that determines how much a customer is able to see during a sale. However, it is important to remember that the size of screen does not necessarily determine the ease of use or high quality performance. POSMarket.com.au introduce a range of pos monitors available on the market.

Touch screen pos monitor are often available in three different sizes:
  • 12 by 24 inch monitor
  • 15 inch monitor ;and
  • 17 inches and up.

The smallest of the monitors save space and are ideal for businesses that do not have a great deal of excess space. They are often available in LED and require less energy to power when compared to LCD screens. Consequently these pos systems save space as well as electricity.

The 15 inch monitors often do not only come with a printer but they do have a slider that makes replacement of paper in the printer easy as it does not affect the performance of the pos. With this size of pos monitor you can simultaneously transact and replace cartridges and papers in a way that is not only as easy as pie but as smooth as silk as well.

The largest of the pos monitors are available with the type of paper that can be used in these monitors can be as big as 80 mm wide. Just like other sizes of monitors, they can either be regular LCD or LED. If you want to save on initial investment and then opt for the LCD as they are cheaper but if you want to save on electricity, LED has long term benefits in terms of saving.

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