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POS is the abbreviation for Point of Sale and its computers are the computers used in POS systems, available from POSmarket.com.au for capturing data and customer payment information when buying and selling goods and services. Products that make up the POS family include:

  • Cash registers
  • Bar code scanners
  • Magnetic card readers 
  • A combination of these devices
There are a number of devices that are used in conjunction with POS devices themselves, and they include:
  • EPOS touch screens- These touch screens are used in retail and hospitality businesses in their POS stations. Staff react well to them, as they are similar to normal keyboards.
  • Cash drawers- These devices are used where POS system operators keep cash, cheques and vouchers and come with at least an 18 gauge steel with secure lock.
  • POS printers are another accessory used for printing receipts and for printing out kitchen and bar orders, sales reports and bar code labels.
  • Bar code scanners are another device used with  POS computers to read bar codes on products and send details to the computer.
POS computers purchased for POS systems need to be compatible with the other devices of the POS station. Moreover, as most computers are found in various styles like tower cases, desktops and mini towers,  the type and size of the computer case needs to be selected based on whether the computer will be used under or on the counter.

POS computers usually have restricted access and can be accessed with the help of magnetic strip cards, PIN numbers or with the help of biometric fingerprint ID technology. Of the three, biometric fingerprint ID is the most popular and reliable form of identification as staff can misuse swipe cards and PIN numbers.

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