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New technology expands Trimble’s RFID solutions

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Trimble has introduced enhancements to their ThingMagic products that will be made available through a firmware upgrade.

Trimble specialises in customising RFID solutions based on application program interface (API) and has reported enhancements to reader modules. The added functionality in Trimble’s ThingMagic products will help to develop these enhancements.

The firmware upgrade will optimise many operations and add support for a large number of applications that require high performance under certain conditions.

Two of the enhancements include capability to read RFID tags that are moving in a fast paced environment as well as improved read time.

Advanced features will also be included in the firmware upgrade, such as commands that enhance security and support for tamper alarms and switch and battery reporting. Other features included in the update will fight against counterfeiting EPC values and the ability to identify tags without having to add unique identifiers to each tag. 

RFID tags allow companies to track all assets and products as well as keep an eye on theft and help with lose prevention. Technology advancements in RFID solutions will benefit companies and customers alike over the long term.

Key features of the new version of ThingMagic MercuryAPI:

  • Adds Java support for app development and C-API support
  • Will support Java, C and .NET universally across the entire product line
  • RFID reader products will reduce the time-to-market with the custom platform giving developers an advantage in creating solutions
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