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New flexible inventory control system from Wasp Barcode Technologies

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Wasp Barcode Technologies has recently introduced a new inventory control system designed to add value to any business.  

The newly released Wasp Inventory Control v6 system is equipped to track the location and convenient access to any product.  

Designed for manufacturers and retailers, Wasp Inventory Control v6 allows users to accurately track inventory, greatly increasing the profit margin for the company.  

Wasp Barcode Technologies offers three different editions of the inventory control system to suit varying needs of companies and provide greater flexibility.  

  • Standard system is the simplest version intended for small companies that want to use only one computer (one PC license and one mobile license) 
  • Professional system offers five PC licenses and one mobile license 
  • Enterprise system intended for leading companies, offers unlimited PC licenses and five mobile licenses 
Key features of Wasp Inventory Control v6:
  • Offers RF real time functionality 
  • Increased level of visibility for stock 
  • Better records of inventory location 
  • Instant updated reports received on the inventory via the 802.11 b./g/n network 
  • Easy implementation and user-friendly operation with 200+ hours of training provided 
  • Available in three different editions to suit business requirements: Standard, Professional and Enterprise  
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