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New RF Code announced

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The new RF Code system announced on September 9, 2010 combines infrared technology and radio frequency identification for greater accuracy in asset tracking applications.

Used to keep tabs on all the different locations of IT assets, the new RF Code can be used to locate assets right down to the level of racks.

The new RF Code system will enable data centre managers automate tracking of their IT assets, eliminating manual inventory effort, for instance in using bar codes.

Manual tracking of inventory can lead to inaccuracies, which can be eliminated with the new RF Code system.

According to the Vice President of product development of the RF Code, Chris Gaskin, the system is designed for easy installation.

Highlights of the new RF Code system:

  • Each track has a control box 
  • Two adhesive strips with infrared properties are attached to the control box 
  • Infrared asset tags are attached to the individual server 
  • Active radio frequency and identification readers are mounted on the ceiling 
  • RF Code software reads streams of data that have been tagged with unique ID tags 
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