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New Datalogic Magellan 1100i Bar Code Readers Make Bar Code Reading Easy

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Datalogic’s Magellan range of omni-directional imaging scanners includes an enhanced version of the 1100i bar code reader that is suitable for convenience, speciality and drug stores seeking the latest innovations in point of sale equipment.  

The 1100i bar code readers incorporate new technology and deliver high performance, impressive reliability as well as great value to users of POS systems.

The recent trend of e-coupons and passes, whether printed by the consumer at home or displayed on cell phones means that retail environments require a bar code scanner that can read anything.  

Datalogic's new Illumix illumination technology makes bar code reading from the backlit displays of cell phones and PDAs impressively easy.  

In addition to the superior bar code reading technology, the bar code scanners add to green business practices in any operation.   

Key features of the Magellan 1100i bar code readers:

  • Ideal for any retail environment
  • Compact design enables ease of use by retail personnel
  • Advanced electronics and technology
  • Withstands harsh checkout conditions thanks to aggressive data collection of 1D and 2D bar codes
  • Green Spot technology is available for noisy environments, providing a visual feedback to checkout personnel
  • Enables fast and accurate customer service in presentation or sweep mode

Magellan 1100i bar code readers are used by over 35,000 Datalogic customers in diverse retail environments.

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